Not scared, huh? Just like me, some time ago.
But will you be scared if I tell you the statistics?
How much time do you spend doing nothing? What could you have done in that time?
Look: poof
Yes, I haven't done the inforgafics, because I just wasted my time instead.

Okay, okay, and wh4t next?
Well, I don't know. I decided that regular work on the site can help me in some way.
So I'm making this site and hope that it will be the solution.
Also, In the same way, I may be able to help other people who are faced with this problem.

So, what is the final purpose of this site?
Well, I will place some information about wasting time and how to prevent it,
Maybe some researches, I don't know.
Also I will place here some of my projects and, obviously, develop this site. Maybe a diary will be placed.

Stay tuned and don't waste your time! Even on this site!

Some plans: